How to use Brown’s lessons in thriller writing for any story

Dan Brown’s thrillers are controversial, addictive, sell millions of copies, are turned into blockbuster films starring Tom Hanks, and are loved by many. He is one of the world’s most successful thriller writers.

I’ve never written a thriller before, but I have followed Brown’s Masterclass years ago (which I highly…

A short story

He glanced over to the dance floor to try and catch a glimpse of her. All of his fellow students were enjoying themselves dancing. It was the Christmas formal. At last, he found her. Her head tilted back in laughter. She was dancing with Zach. His best friend. Or was…

Create your best short story yet

There are countless ways to approach short story writing. The challenge is mainly to finish one that’s engaging, authentically you, well-structured, and inhabited by great characters.

The following ten steps will help you tackle these challenges and publish a well-written gem of a story.

#1: Find your style

Every author has a style. How…

N.A. Turner

I write about writing & creativity. Short story writer and novelist. Amazon best-selling author. Free eBook with writing tips:

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