10 Weird Quirks I Have

That I Was Embarrassed of Publishing

N.A. Turner


A few weeks ago, my friend Joren van Schaik nominated me to list some of my funny (and somewhat embarrassing) quirks.

After reading many lists from other great Medium writers, I went for it. It was actually fun making it. I’m weird, and we all are.

Here they are:

I plan to plan to make a plan

I’d like to think I’m very organized. Ever since I was young I loved to plan and make lists. My phone is full of them. And I’m constantly updating them too. The satisfaction of deleting or crossing something off of my list is better than any dopamine hit from a notification on my phone. I love to plan. I literally schedule to plan every day. If it were up to me I’d only plan and won’t ever execute on the plans. Just plan. If only I’d be able to make a living out of that.

I believe I was British in a previous life

Whenever I land on UK soil, I feel at home. Even more so than in my hometown of Amsterdam. I love everything British. Sitting in pubs, watching people. Going out, watching the beautiful girls, who spent perhaps a bit too long dressing up (but I’m loving it, haha). I’m a sucker for British accents (especially posh ones). Properly dressed English gentlemen. BBC dramas. The Graham Norton Show. Downton Abbey. The Crown. The history. Sherlock Holmes. British writers in general. Keeping up with British news and entertainment. Oh, and British humo(u)r!

© Sarah Lynn Pablo

I’m your typical aggressive Amsterdam cyclist

Amsterdam belongs to the cyclists. You have no business there driving a car. Us cyclists rule the canals. Beware if you dawdle on our bicycle lanes. Beware if you’re a tourist not watching us coming (we will hit you). I’m very impatient on my bike. I ring my bell if someone’s slow or in my way. I ignore red lights (sorry mom, and yes — I first watch if I can safely pass, don’t worry). Sorry guys, but whenever you find yourself in Amsterdam, beware of the cyclists!



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