Mentally Coping with a Pandemic: Lessons from the Celestine Prophecy

How adopting an us-first instead of a me-first attitude will get us through this crisis and help design life afterwards

© Machu Picchu, photo taken by author

Lesson 1: We need to change our attitude

While the book was published in 1993, it’s relevant whenever you pick it up. Considering the state of the world, the insights from this book are perhaps more pressing now than ever. The protagonist in the novel travels to Peru to seek a mysterious manuscript containing nine insights about life. On his travels, he encounters professors and priests who are all after the book. As well as a high priest who wants to ban it and who has the government in his pocket to avoid people from spreading the manuscript at all cost.

Lesson 2: How to cope with a fear of change

Lesson 3: The great shift

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