The Earth’s End

A short fiction story about the future, climate change, space travel and survival

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Illustration by Jonat Deelstra

The earth provided everything for us, and we repaid it with disrespect.”

Malcolm pulled a sad face. Even though he could not understand all his father was saying, he felt that it was bad. He would have loved to try swimming and see fish! He had only seen fish in some of the books that were brought from Earth.

“We were being controlled in everything we did. However, the ones who thought they were in control, were merely doing someone else’s bidding. Someone or I should say, some men and women, whose sole purpose was to maintain their power and divide us. They would do anything to secure their position in the world order. These people were known as the Quartet.”

Miranda rolled her eyes at her husband. “Well aren’t your memories clouded in melancholy. There were good things going on too you know. It was not like everyone was continuously watching you. We still had some degree of freedom. We could still travel. Albeit that as time progressed only the rich were still able to do this. As an engineer, I had plenty of money. I traveled through South East Asia, Australia, Latin America, North America, Africa, Europe.”

Finally, nature had truly shown its wrath.

We were stuck in the plant, about a thousand employees were unable to go home. Luckily, we were prepared for such calamities. There was plenty of food available. But we couldn’t rely on our electricity. At irregular intervals the power went out, leaving us in the heat and the dark, unable to work.

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