The Electric Cold War

A short story set in a dystopian future where a nation is stripped of all electricity

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Original illustration by Jonat Deelstra

He looked around at the fellow lowlifes. Gangsters, pimps, businesswomen, politicians, and ladies and gentlemen of the night. This bar was a representation of what was left of society, albeit the dodgiest of sorts.

Whoever can control electricity, can control the world basically. How long do you think it will take until our society turns against itself?

I bet we’re done for in two days. Think about the money which has evaporated, possessions without a registered owner, rations which will empty out, or perhaps the worst: boredom. People will not know what to do with themselves.”

“We can find out where we came from in the past. We can find out who we are in the present. We can find out who we become in the future. And based on where we are now, I don’t like the direction we’re heading. So let’s go back 150 years and start over.”

Matthew’s video disappeared and the screens were once again empty.


Peter paced around in Matthew’s living room. It was odd standing there, where they had shared so many conversations infused with wine and joints. They had been friends since kindergarten. They had a similar worldview. They both ended up in cybersecurity because they wanted to help tame technology. What they wanted above all else was to stop the people pulling the strings.


“What’s going on, Peter?” Kavita stood now, her arms folded and her expression hinting at despair.

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