The Game of Reason

A short story: two Gods play a game with humanity through virtues and vices until the point of destruction

Original illustration by Jonat Deelstra

“Let’s give them love and other wonderful things. I will call them virtues,” Ustratia said. She created love, compassion, respect, honor, courage, honesty, loyalty and grace, among others. Above all, she gave her creation faith and hope.

Vivantes hit her with more power struggles, famine, and war. She deflected his attacks with creativity, resilience, and enlightenment. Art found its way through the ranks of warfare and into the heart of the struggling species. Words and teachings spread through books and more and more people connected. Works of hope and useful inventions came to existence. Songs, paintings, and plays entertained the people, inciting hope and faith into their minds.

“There’s no fun in making this game too easy. It shouldn’t be, for how could anything have meaning if it were easy? You and me. Plus and minus. Yin and yang. Push and pull. You create, I destroy. No life without death, no love without hate.”

I write Black Mirror-esque short stories and share writing & freelancing tips. Amazon best-selling author. Free eBook with writing tips:

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